From St. George to Pine Valley, Southern Utah has a wonderful array of views, landscapes, and lifestyles that cater to every personality. Use this page to start your search for a new home and click here to get in contact


New Construction Experts Southern Utah is a fast-growing area of the country, and new homes are being built at a record pace. With so many new builders entering the market, it’s difficult to know if you are getting a quality


Listing Your Home Home sellers in Southern Utah are getting more for their home right now than in the last 10 years. Just looking at the last 12 months, home prices are on the rise and inventory is trending downward.

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  • 448443.92,450194.92,448021.51,453851.80,457271.52,447226.50,457282.81,465562.86,489310.62,484259.51,485852.19,496521.05
  • 309239.49,320557.36,343714.11,380706.97,331134.69,353954.03,374690.00,395932.60,394969.97,336065.04,352903.23,347402.26
  • 286264.18,296107.01,292389.79,298348.98,294245.24,296414.83,292231.74,299428.22,342870.65,316565.02,329215.05,311013.17
  • 311006.31,277251.66,291915.73,291864.40,280390.43,310199.64,301033.25,287966.62,299853.35,318459.72,337225.22,323380.10

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  • 1025,999,964,995,1010,1003,928,899,950,926,862,814
  • 421,356,386,363,410,297,225,410,453,454,381,392
  • 329,292,283,258,279,249,198,270,340,408,361,363
  • 351,291,321,283,265,262,288,223,231,372,308,367

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What Our Clients Are Saying

We had a 5-week period between when our previous home closed until we could move into our new home. Sue helped us find living accommodations, hire movers, and work with the other agent to make it a smooth process.

Dale & Cindy April, 2015

It's really exciting to design and build your own home! Sue lined us up with her builders so that we could choose a floor plan, pick colors and finishes, and stay under budget to get the home we wanted! We'll definitely build with them again.

Keith & Karen October, 2016

My husband and I bought a home from Sue almost 12 years ago. We aren't looking to move right now, but we love staying updated with her postcards and e-mails.

Greg & Roslyn September, 2004

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